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Birth Doula Feedback
My husband and I had our son at home, first birth.  Brea was incredible, calm, thoughtful in many things such as taking notes on time/details during every phase of the birthing days I had (3 days.. she was awesome, text me often, came to my house each day – huge relief with being in labor for 3 days to have her support).  
What I loved most in the details was being able to read through her journal and view pictures she took for us.  The end of our birth moved so quickly that I struggled with recapping and processing postpartum – the journaling and photos really helped me in my postpartum healing to remember and piece some details back together for myself and with my husband.  My husband really appreciated all she did to encourage him and keep things calm for him.  
We also had Brea over a few times to help get rest in our postpartum weeks.  She was someone I could truly trust to love and care for our little one as we rested together.  
Lastly, (yes she did so much!) she made us a beautiful gift for the baby’s room to remember his birth day moments and details.  He was our first baby after several miscarriages.. everything she did was helpful, understanding, celebratory to our victory with him and all we overcame, and so much more.  Thank you Brea! You are special and we loved having you a part of our victory and joy. 
-The Hollands 
Breanna’s services were beyond outstanding. From day one she made me feel very comfortable with our decision for a VBAC and was the most supportive. Breanna was able to explain every step and process to my husband and I better than any Dr or nurse we encountered. Breanna’s ability to keep myself and my husband focused on our delivery day was amazing. Not only did she keep pushing me to stay on track of my VBAC but managed to also help my husband be an incredible support person along with making sure the staff at the hospital knew what I wanted and everyone remain on the same page, but she also managed to take such amazing pictures for us. Capturing the best moments in my life. We have no idea how she did it all. We feel so lucky and blessed to have had Breanna be our Doula and I would recommend her to everyone I know. My husband and I feel this was the best investment and worth every penny and more. Thank you, thank you for giving us the birth we wished for and helping our beautiful baby boy enter this world Breanna. You have made such an impression on us and are part of our family. We know who we will be calling for any future babies.
– Raven H.
I wish I had found Breanna earlier in my pregnancy, I can’t speak more highly about her and the service she provides! She was so supportive during my pregnancy with recommendations/resources, an encouraging word when needed, an ear to listen when I needed to vent and she was always so great about answering any questions I had. She also was super supportive of what I was wanting for my birth and even though that did not go as planned I was so thankful to have her there. She not only made sure I was okay and helped me through the contractions and labor in general but she made sure my husband was okay and had everything he needed which I appreciated. I highly recommend Breanna if you are thinking of a doula for your pregnancy and birth!
-Ryan L.
I am extremely happy with my doula Breanna. She was amazing during my labor, she gave amazing emotional and physical support. She calmed my nerves and I really don’t think my labor would have gone as smoothly if she wasn’t there helping me and my husband. I would recommend her to anyone.
-Kayla C.
There is nothing I would have changed. Brea was extremely helpful in the whole birthing process providing a calm and positive experience. Every piece of information she provided was extremely helpful and of great use. She instinctually knew what to do in every situation and was there every step of the way for me and my partner and my baby. She really had great care and took the time to make sure we had everything we needed and made our experience really wonderful.
-Leah L.
Postpartum Doula Feedback
I received Surge’s postpartum services as a gift from a close friend. Your service was exponentially valuable. You were kind, non judgmental, extremely reliable and fun. You helped me navigate my postpartum experience like an extremely knowledgable teacher and friend. You were a gift and you truly are a gift. – VF
Massage Therapy Feedback
You are incredible; it’s the first I’ve felt semi-normal in 8 months. And the first time [my chiropractor] has been able to crack my neck properly in weeks; [because of the massage]. You’re wicked talented. — NH
I have undergone massage therapy with countless providers, and Brea is the best. There have been times that I have arrived at appointments with Brea unable to move my head, and left with full mobility.  She is an expert at identifying problem areas and working on them in a way that is effective and painless.  If you don’t have problem areas and you are just interested in the relaxing aspect of massage therapy, she is also excellent at creating a soothing atmosphere with minimal noise so that you can just zone out and enjoy her work.  Brea is also highly professional; she is knowledgeable on anatomy and medical conditions, and comfortable having frank discussions about them to improve the treatment.  She has mastered her art, and a session with her will treat your mind and body. —EH
Brea’s massage therapy was an absolute gift the last few weeks of my pregnancy and postpartum! She was skilled, professional, compassionate, while listening and responding to my concerns. Being able to be in the comfort of my own bedroom and put on my own music was so amazing. This was my first time utilizing pregnancy massage therapy in seven pregnancies and I found it much more effective and long lasting in dealing with chronic back and hip pain than the many chiropractic appointments I’ve had. Highly recommend an appointment with Brea for any pregnant [person]! -MH
Breanna was amazing! At 30 weeks pregnant, I definitely was in need of a great massage and she gave exactly that (in the comfort of my own home). Being an athlete for all my life has made for some very tight muscles especially in my glutes and lower back. She took her time on those areas and I felt so much better afterwards. Highly recommend! -Pam S.

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