Birth Packages & Services

Birth Doula Services

Here to provide physical, emotional, & informational support utilizing the following:

  • Soothing with touch through the use of massage, counter pressure, or rebozo techniques
  • Helping to create a calm environment, like dimming lights & using essential oils
  • Assisting with water therapy (shower, tub)
  • Applying warm or cold compresses
  • Remaining present
  • Helping the birthing person & partner see themselves or their situation more positively
  • Accepting & supporting what the birthing person wants
  • Helping the birthing person & partner work through fears and self-doubt
  • Guiding the birthing person & their partner through labor
  • Suggesting techniques in labor; such as breathing, relaxation techniques, movement, & positioning (positioning is important both with & without epidural)
  • Helping them find evidence-based information about different options in pregnancy & childbirth
  • Helping explain medical procedures before or as they occur
  • Helping the partner understand what’s going on with their loved one’s labor (for example, interpreting the different sounds the birthing person makes)
  • Encouraging the birthing person or their partner to ask questions & verbalize their preferences
  • Facilitating communication between the parents & care providers
  • Debriefing after the birth—listening to the birthing parent with empathy
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Complimentary Consultation

2 Prenatal Visits

1 Prenatal Massage

Unlimited phone, text, & email support

24/7 On-Call availability beginning at 38 weeks

Presence & support during labor & birth

1-2 hours of immediate postpartum support

1-2 postpartum visits


á la carte

Customize & schedule your preferred amount of hours & services to meet your needs.

Postpartum Doula Add On Hours – $40 per hour

*see Postpartum Packages & Services page for detailed postpartum support options*

Signed contracts are required. A retainer fee is required for all birth packages, amounting to 50% of the package rate. Payment plans for the remaining 50% can be arranged.


My husband and I had our son at home, first birth.  Brea was incredible, calm, thoughtful in many things such as taking notes on time/details during every phase of the birthing days I had (3 days.. she was awesome, text me often, came to my house each day – huge relief with being in labor for 3 days to have her support).

What I loved most in the details was being able to read through her journal and view pictures she took for us.  The end of our birth moved so quickly that I struggled with recapping and processing postpartum – the journaling and photos really helped me in my postpartum healing to remember and piece some details back together for myself and with my husband. My husband really appreciated all she did to encourage him and keep things calm for him. We also had Brea over a few times to help get rest in our postpartum weeks.  She was someone I could truly trust to love and care for our little one as we rested together.

Lastly, (yes she did so much!) she made us a beautiful gift for the baby’s room to remember his birth day moments and details. He was our first baby after several miscarriages.. everything she did was helpful, understanding, celebratory to our victory with him and all we overcame, and so much more. Thank you Brea! You are special and we loved having you a part of our victory and joy.

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