Causes to Care About

As a birthworker I feel called to support important causes that are bettering birth and postpartum for all families.

This is especially important when we consider the current rates of maternal & neonatal morbidity & mortality; and in particular the effects that racism and white supremacy have on the safety and wellbeing of the BIPOC community.

It is not always possible to provide financial support to those that deserve it, but if you feel called and are able, here are some amazing and deserving causes.

In 2018 Alabama ranked third in the United States for infant and maternal mortality.
In 2019, 8 out of every 1000 babies born in Alabama died before reaching one year of age.
Out of these shocking statistics, a distressing trend emerges: Black birthing mothers and their babies are TWICE as likely to experience maternal-infant mortality as their counterparts across race and class lines.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Please click the image above to read more about Doctor Stephanie Mitchell, DNP, CNM, CPM, and her plans to provide the first free standing, Black owned, birth center to birthing families of Alabama.

In collaboration with Reach Buffalo, Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health Program,funded through the CDC’c Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity’s (DNPAO) initiative to help reduce health disparities among racial and ethnic populations with the highest risk. Our goal is to help promote and increase the number of African American women breastfeeding.  We are excited to now provide peer breastfeeding support to African American mothers residing in the city of Buffalo.  

Additionally for those mothers who do not meet the criteria for the CDC, we’d still provide support from the CLC’s and Lactationist.

Please click on the image above to read more about what this program offers. Donations can be issued via check, mailed to:

Calming Nature Doula
223 Grant St Buffalo NY 14213
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