My philosophy — your body, your baby, your CHOICE.

I am prepared to support every informed choice that you have made for your birth & postpartum journey. I am here to provide resources, education, encouragement, & solidarity. My goal as your doula is to help you have an empowering & positive experience through support, guidance, & advocacy. Whether you are striving for an unmedicated labor & birth; pain management-such as an epidural; or have a planned cesarean on the calendar.

A positive birth is the first step to a positive postpartum experience.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Why “Surge”?

In the birth world, surge is often the term used in place of “contraction.” “Contraction” can sometimes evoke thoughts of fear, pain, & dread. “Surge” is used to encourage, empower, enlighten, & motivate. Every surge brings you closer to meeting your baby. Every surge is a chance for you to feel your power.

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