Massage at Cary House Buffalo

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Now offering Massage services at Cary House Buffalo, 460 Franklin St. Buffalo NY 14202

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Reduced back pain, reduced joint pain, improved circulation, reduced edema & swelling, reduced muscle tension & headaches, reduced stress & anxiety, improved oxygenation of soft tissues & muscles, improved hormone regulation, improved sleep, & more.

Intake Forms and signed consent are required for all Massage services.


“You are incredible; it’s the first I’ve felt semi-normal in 8 months. And the first time [my chiropractor] has been able to crack my neck properly in weeks; [because of the massage]. You’re wicked talented.”

— Nate H.

Breanna was amazing! At 30 weeks pregnant, I definitely was in need of a great massage and she gave exactly that (in the comfort of my own home). Being an athlete for all my life has made for some very tight muscles especially in my glutes and lower back. She took her time on those areas and I felt so much better afterwards. Highly recommend!

-Pam S.

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